Layout & Design

During the last few years I have been honing my layout and design skills –
i’ve been lucky enough to work on some great TTRPG (tabletop role-playing game) projects for some lovely creative people.

Some of the projects have integrated my own illustrations, and I have also worked with original illustrations created by other artists.

Where the work is available for purchase I will provide links, and i’ll provide a few little samples below.


The Wind Began to HowlKyle Thompson (2020).

This project was a pleasure to work on! A two player story-game based on the lyrics of All Along the Watchtower. Kyle requested an abstract expressionist cover in the style of Franz Kline. I gulped a little at first, as i’m not an experienced painter: but I started throwing paint around out in the driveway and i’m more than happy with the results.

I mean, check it out, it looks the cover to a freakin’ bestseller right!? hehe… Pretty stoked on the hand-drawn typography I wrote for this too.

Another lovely part of this project was that I created all of the illustrations too, AND recorded a lo-fi cover of All Along the Watchtower to accompany the game as well.

I’m a precocious little guy aren’t I? lucky i’m so cute 😉

The game is available here at, and you can find the song here on bandcamp.

Cover Image: The Wind Began to Howl
Spread – The Wind Began to Howl
Internal Illustration – Stone Hands w/ Coins (Lu Quade)


RetropunkFraser SimonsSamjoko Publishing (2020).